ASOS Haul: 7 Must Have Dresses You Need For Summer

Typically before summer hits I find myself frantically searching for the perfect maxi dress. Now, I do have all of these qualifications it must have YET I have no idea what I really want. Does that even make sense? Probably not. I tend to wear skirts, and dresses in the summer because I loathe shorts. When I say loathe like I really mean it... You know when its super hot outside, your legs and sticky and those shorts are doing NOTHING for you? Yeah, you can count me out. 

I've found 5 dresses that I think will be my summer wardrobe.... There is nothing like throwing on a maxi dress, gladiator shoes with a pony tail. NOTHING. Did I mention all of these but one are under $60?! You can't get better than that!

Y'all how cute are those? Like I said 6 out of 7 are under $60! I am really loving the off the shoulder floral maxi... I have a feeling this will be what I will be wearing most! Comment down below your favorite color!