Top 5 Acai Bowls in LA

Top 5 Acai Bowls in LA


You read it. I'm giving my top 5 favorite places to go in LA for acai bowls! I discovered these years ago when Nekter Juice became a constant occurrence in my life and the trend has stuck. 

1. Rawberri - Trendy AF

If you're looking for just a great place to hang and get a snack THIS is the place! Located in the heart of West Hollywood with the coolest vibe. They also offer juice, cocowhip, raw snacks and kombucha & coffee on tap!.. If you're in town and needing that cold treat, Rawberri is seriously the place to go!


2. Backyard Bowls - Kind of my fav!

Located in the heart of Miracle Mile you really cannot get better than this! A restaurant setting and an instagram feed heaven. You really have it all here! Their second location is in Santa Barbara and if you get a chance to hit the town, make sure to check them out! Seriously, you won't be disappointed!


3. Juice Crafters - The typical LA stop

If you haven't been to Juice Crafters and live in LA... I feel bad for you. I think this place is a frequent go to because I can get a handcrafted juice, acai bowl and a quick protein bite. They are super fast and know how to make the right acai bowl! My favorite is the Brazilian Super Bowl! It has coconut flakes on top and I add on almond butter to the top to give it that creamy feel!!


4. Kreation Juice - A good lunch spot

This place truly has it all but their acai bowls take the cake. From salads, juices to smoothies and coffee. You can head here for lunch or brunch - simply enjoy the cute outdoor patio seating they have! It's one of the greatest spots!


5. Another Kind of Sunshine - You truly cannot miss this hot spot

Located on Abbott Kinney.. The new hotspot on the west side of town. Definitely make sure to hit this place but make sure to stroll down Abbott Kinney to enjoy all the boutiques, coffee shops and of course the pizza places.