What Are You Trying To Prove?


My whole life I’ve felt like I was on a hidden camera show. I swear things happen to me that do not happen in normal every day life. At any moment I’m ready for someone to pop out and say, “You just got Punk’ed!” One time I went to get a massage and I should have known when I walked in that something wasn’t right. I filled out the form and on it I had to sign a line that said, “I prefer to be draped during my massage.” Then it had an option to sign if I wanted my breasts massaged. WHAT?! NO! This was a spa too, not some sketchy place. My massage began and the next thing I knew the lady was sitting on my back giving me a massage like you do in second grade to your best friend. Then she proceeded to have me turn over onto my back and wrap the sheet around me like a diaper and push my legs into my chest like stretching my back and glutes. It was the strangest experience! A couple month later I went to a different spa to get a massage and when my masseuse came out to get me, IT WAS THE SAME LADY! Needless to say that kind of stuff happens to me all the time! So, when I found out I was pregnant with triplets I wasn’t that surprised. This is the story of my life. So many surprises that, it’s not surprising. My husband, however, he was in shock!

We already had a 1 year old baby when we found out that we were pregnant. However, at our first sonogram appointment we found out we were expecting triplets!  The pregnancy was super easy. People would tell us that it was a big transition going from one child to two, but we were going from one child to four so clearly, we had no clue what to expect. The most difficult thing about having a new baby is the lack of sleep. When you have triplets it’s still the same thing. My husband, Brett, and I didn’t have hired help so we did everything ourselves. I’m pretty proud of us that we managed life with four children two and under. There were definitely difficult times though. It seemed that as one thing would get easier there was a new challenge. Just when they began sleeping through the night they started crawling and they were everywhere. People would come to my house and laugh because we had baby gates all around our living room keeping the babies contained to one room.


When the triplets were 15 months old I found out I was pregnant again. Now we were going to have five children four and under. SURPRISE! One day, after baby #5 had arrived, she was napping and the triplets were playing in our playroom. We had a baby gate at the entrance of our playroom so they were safely corralled in there. I came to check on them and noticed a horrific smell. I soon realized that they had all taken off their diapers and had decided to play in each other’s poop. There was literally poop all over the playroom. It was on the window, up the wall, on every toy in the playroom, and on some adorable curtains that I had made. I was both grossed out and horrified! Everything in me just wanted to throw every single thing in that room away.  Unfortunately they went through the “playing with their poop” phase for quite a while. I thought I was going to lose my mind. The thing about triplets is, you just need one of them to be mischievous for them to all be mischievous. So if one decides they want to wreak havoc in some way, they have two loyal helpers to ensure the mission is accomplished. Often times I felt like, while I was cleaning up one of their messes, the other ones would go create a mess somewhere else, just so I never ran out of things to do.

Having three the same age that need the same amount of attention is tough. I get bombarded with questions constantly. It’s like an assault on my ears. People will say to me, “What’s it like having triplets?!” I want to say, “Go in a room and turn your radio and tv all the way up, then make a phone call to a person who can’t hear you and keeps interrupting you mid-sentence. It’s like that, 24 hours a day.


People would say to me, “How do you do it?” And I would think, “Do what?!” This is my life, it’s all I know. I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Most of the time I feel like my life overwhelms other people, more than it overwhelms me. There have been so many moments I’m not proud of. I’ve forgotten a kid, I’ve lost my temper, I call them the wrong names more than I call them the right ones! I could set out a whole list of ways I get it wrong.  However, I have five people who fight over my love and affection. I have five people who climb all over me to hug and kiss me. I have five people that tell me throughout the day how much they love me, how beautiful I am, and what a great mom I am. I am loved exponentially. All the work and all the chaos is so worth the reward I receive in being their mom.

I once heard someone say, “Whatever you are intent to prove, you will prove.” It’s so true! If you look hard enough, you can find evidence to prove just about anything you want to believe. So I have chosen to believe that I was hand-selected for this life. I was gifted with five amazing blessings. I was entrusted with an opportunity not many women get. I’ve had triplets! Not many people can say that. I know there are women would love to be a mom and I do not take it for granted. I don’t know what it is that you deal with or what may be a part of your everyday life.  You may need to prove to yourself that you were hand selected for your life. You may need to look at your circumstances and remind yourself that you fought for that job and you were chosen because you ARE qualified to own that role. Sure it’s easy to focus on all the ways we are ill equipped in life, whether it be in work, marriage, friendships, parenting, etc.  But if we are intent to prove that we are equipped and capable of handling our current situation then that is exactly what we will do!

-Lindsay Huckins



Marissa Callahan