Marissa Callahan

They Just Go Together

Marissa Callahan
They Just Go Together


Do you ever have moments in your life where you’re being so shallow, you just laugh out loud at what you’re thinking? No joke, that’s the story of my life. Legit I have these thoughts often (pray for me, haha). I recently had this thought when I saw a couple that wasn’t cute together. Individually, they were both good-looking people, but together… ehh not so much.  Oh come on! You know you’ve thought the same thing before.

“Omg, they are not a cute couple.”

“She’s/He’s to good for him/her.”

“Omg, they’re so cute together”

It’s one of my relationship pet peeves. Confession: I pray quite often to God asking that he makes my future hubby and me to be complete opposites, yet look good together as a couple. #Unashamed

There is just something about two things that just fit. Sometimes you’re the only one that can see it, other times it’s obvious.

In the words of Cinderella, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” (I don’t think that was ever in Cinderella but you get what I mean)

There’s just something two things working hand in hand and going together; whether it be a make up of certain people for a group project, a couple that’s dating, or a pair of jeans you’re trying to find the perfect shirt or blouse that just goes with the entire outfit. Whatever it may be, you can’t have one without the other making it work.

Although I joke about having superficial moments and praying funny (except I’m really being for real...Jesus knows) little prayers about them, I’ve lately been hit with a reoccurring spiritual moment.

The best thing about following Jesus is that you never arrive at knowing Him fully and the moment you think you have, He always brings new revelation.

Everyday I learn something new. I get a clearer picture and dive deeper. I love how Judah Smith says it like this: as believers we should constantly be having moments with God that are

“It’s like I’ve met Him for the first time, all over again” moments

I found this new revelation with two words: Wait + Trust. Two things that I’ve often isolated in my spirituality, but in all honesty they just go together. Here’s what I’m learning:

1. It’s hard to wait on God and believe in His promises, if you don’t trust Him. Waiting and trusting go together. If you truly trust God, you’ll wait. Isn’t waiting so hard. I don’t mean waiting in a sense of not being proactive or diligent about circumstances in your life but waiting as in pausing, listening long enough for him to speak to you. A spiritual giant in my life once said, “If you haven’t at least prayed about it for a year, you haven’t really waited.”

2.  Be determined to stay refreshed by Gods word.

If you’re desperate to defeat the lies of the enemy in your “wait” that leads to trust; you better get some promises from Him to hold on to. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is find time to be in the word, but when you do the outcome is so much more refreshing. I always catch myself in a million excuses of why I don’t have time. I am a lover of making the word as practical as possible, to an extent. I love listening to podcast and sermons. In fact, I’m an avid listener (I may do a podcast recommendations blog come to think of it) to anything spiritual because it builds you up. But I believe there’s no greater build up than reading His word for you. I just bought this bible called, The Passion Translation: Encounter the Heart of God at Barnes and Noble by Brian Simmons (8-in-1 collection). I love this translation because it breaks the bible into compatible books (about 5-6 books of the bible in one booklet), gives you a brief summary of who wrote that particular book of the bible, the main reoccurring themes in that book, and a nice little paragraph summary. Then it gives you that book of the bible. I don’t know about you but I LOVE THAT. I hate having to look up things I just read. I’d rather you just explain it all for me in one area and this bible translation does that. It’s almost like a study translation. Get it and read it with me (link here)! #Accountability

3. When the wait seems more like a wilderness, don’t wonder.

I can’t believe I just typed that. Who says that? Like that’s the hardest thing to do. Stay steadfast when it seems like everything around is falling to pieces? When it’s not really working out the way you planed? I’ve been there. I am there. But then when I start thinking about it, what else is there that I can really trust or put my hope in. As much as a girl loves to shop, clothes are so temporary. The older I get the more I realize relationships are as well (people are flakey AF haha). The list goes on of things that just don’t compare. They just don’t go together. Jesus is the best thing to hope in. He’s so solid. When I forget or feel overwhelmed, I have to write down all the good things He’s done in my journal, just so I can see it and reread them.

I love what Tim Keller says about joy: “There is a joy available that the deepest grief cannot put out. No circumstance or person can take away the joy God gives.”

I want that joy. I want that Jesus. I want to be able to wait without wavering, because I trust Him and I know He’s good.

-Amanda Madu