Getting Intimate with Cacique Intimates

The first time I noticed a change in my body was when I was in the 2ndgrade. I moved to a new school and that is when I noticed my body was different than other girls in my grade. I’m short. 5’3 to be exact and I had a belly when I was a kid. It never went away and truthfully, I never cared until I noticed I didn’t have a flat belly like everyone else. I became the kid who wore tankinis and one pieces over a two piece because I knew that I looked different. At that age, who wants to look different? As I grew up, I realized the belly never disappeared. It stuck out like a sore thumb and I tried everything I could to get rid of it. At one point I faked a sprained ankle just so my mom would buy me an ace bandage. Every morning I would wrap my stomach as tight as I could so I could look like the other girls in my grade. It took me years to overcome my fear of looking different and if I’m honest… I still have my days. I am incredibly thankful for companies like Cacique Intimates who provide intimates for girls like me plus many more. Their inclusivity to women is unlike any brand I’ve seen before. It’s time we, as women, realize it’s not about the curves on our bodies or the cellulite on our thighs. It’s about who are we are as women and woman individually. Thank you, Cacique Intimates, for providing including all sizes in intimates and creating a space for people who may feel like they would never be included. Use online promo code SHOPCQ7 to get a Cacique bra for only $29.50! Valid thru 6/16 online only. Not valid with other offers.

Thanks so much to Cacique Intimatesand Shopstyle for sponsoring this post. 

Thanks so much to Cacique Intimates and Shopstyle for sponsoring this post. 


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