Feeling Confident with Aerie

As you all know I’ve been working with Aerie for their Love the Swim You’re In campaign. When everything kicked off in January, I had no idea the amount of growth I would see within myself. I never thought it would be a journey of finding out how challenging it would be to be in a swimsuit and even more so in front of a camera. 

The first month was a challenge. I wasn’t “bikini ready” as some like to say. I feared the unknown and afraid of what people would say or think of me. Would I still be liked if people knew I had cellulite? Would there be backlash for posting in a bikini? How are people going to respond? Will they like what I have to say? Will they even care at all? It’s funny now because the response I received on my first post was unlike any other. Y’all instantly shared positivity and I was overwhelmed with the response from you guys. It built up my confidence and allowed me to see outside of my own insecurities. The second, third and now fourth month all came with lessons and ones I had to learn to overcome… quickly. I truly believe that if we don’t dwell on what we think is wrong and just do it – it doesn’t turn out to be as bad as our minds make us believe. I want to encourage you all to stop overthinking what parts of our body may I want each and every one of you to know that no matter what you look like, no matter if you’re a size 0 or a size 22 we are ALL beautiful. Let’s not compare ourselves to someone who we may think has a better life because we think she has a better body. Let’s lean into how we FEEL. I will always continue to share what I’m going through… no matter how ugly it gets. I’ve enjoyed sharing these 4 months with you all

Thank you, Aerie, for creating a brand that focuses on positivity, inclusivity and real representation. This has been a dream come true and I’m honored you selected me to be a part of this campaign. Aerie will donate $1 (not up to $50,000) to the National Eating Disorder Associate (NEDA) for every 100% unretouched swim photo shared with #AerieREAL @Aerie on social media. 


Thank you Aerie and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.

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