Denim: 5 Must Haves For Fall

Okay so, I’m like really picky. I have a very particular taste and thats just how I am. So with this, I’ve found that I can have a hard time finding clothes. Not everything looks great on me. I have a curvy waist with a lot of thigh. SO with that said I have found 5 pairs of jeans you NEED in your life.

HM: I’ve truly found some of my go to’s from H&M! They are normally under $40 and truly you cannot beat that price. I also love how after I wash them they go right back to their OG shape! If you’re trying to get a dupe for the Levi RE/Done’s – go straight to HM and don’t look left or right!

RE/Done: Okay, these jeans were a bit hard on the bank account but SO worth their price. I love the look these give and they can easily be styled with a cute basic or with a body suit. The quality is like nothing else but the price reflects that! I bought mine off of Revolve but I know multiple resale sites have these up for grabs! (CLICK HERE TO SHOP MY POSHMARK)

Paige Denim: I’ve had a few pairs of jeans from Paige and the color does not fade! I’ve washed them so many times (I know I’m terrible) and the color does not fade! I really love the fit of the ones I’ve linked above. If you’re under 5’4 you will appreciate me! No more trips to the tailor!


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