26 Things To Accomplish All While Being 26

You read the title and rolled your eyes right? Me too. It’s something I do every year so I wanted to continue the tradition. Normally I do 25 Things I Learned In the Year of 25 but I wanted to change it up. The number 26 has put me in my place. It’s stunted me to think I am now closer to my thirties than I am my twenties. HELP. Why am I so afraid to turn 30? From what I know it’s totally the new 20 but to be totally honest… I’m afraid of getting old.

I feel like every time this year things start to be a bit more emotional. I find myself unable to hold back emotion like I could the year before. Not saying that is a bad thing but I thought I was already emotional enough.

I really wanted to change my outlook this year from looking back to looking forward. I’ve been stuck in the motion of looking back, it can be comforting right? On those lonely nights alone you find yourself searching in the memory file to fill your heart even if it’s only for a few seconds. I also find myself doing this with relationships. It’s a comfortable spot to go back, but this year I want to take leaps forward. Forget the past, I want to start thinking about my future… without fear that is.

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I hold nothing back. I’m honest with just about everything. I’ve been very open about my depression and anxiety, and I don’t plan on changing that. So cheers to being 26 and to only looking forward from here on out!

1. Find time for myself more often – This has been a struggle for me the last couple of years. I sometimes hate being alone but I also sometimes love it. I need to reward myself time more often.

2. Be more thankful – I hope in lists to come this will continue to find its way on there.

3. To hear Gods voice more clearly

4. Allowing myself to not be okay

5. Travel to Sonoma – #BUCKETLIST

6. Be more patient

7. Reaching out to people who I may not know but want to know.

8. To continue to break down the emotional wall that’s like the great wall of china around my heart.

9. Laugh more

10. To fully accept my body shape

11. Learn to enjoy being alone

12. Learn how to say No

13. Give more Grace

14. Not settling for less than I deserve

15. Realize that I have enough, I do enough and that I am enough

16. Putting my phone down when I’m with others. I’m terrible at this now – Instagram will be there when you’re done.

17. Have a freakum dress *OKRRRRT

18. Following my own instincts

19. Repair a relationship

20. Love harder

21. Read more

22. Pray more often

23. To beat depression

24. To allow people in and let them stay- whoa

25. Enjoy my 26th year as much as I enjoyed my 25th

26. To give myself as much love as I need, even on days when I don’t think I deserve it.

Have a list? Email it to me. If not? Start one… It’s better late than never!

Love you guys


  1. Dan
    April 26, 2017 / 6:44 pm

    Hope you’ll succeed and I’m excited to hear if you checked a pointed from your list

  2. Tessa McCormack
    April 26, 2017 / 6:54 pm

    Just waned to say that I absolutely love your blog and everything that goes with it. Your honesty is so refreshing to hear and read; your openness has really encouraged me to open up to those around me and let more people in to my life. I was diagnosed with anxiety a couple years back and hearing other people’s experiences has really helped me, especially yours.
    Ps. Bora Bora looked incredible

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